If you have already decided to sell your property, it is necessary to get the most accurate initial information about the state of the property market and the prices in the specific area.

Your chosen SOFIA IN agent can advise you not only on the offer prices of the properties, but also on the prices at which transactions have actually been carried out in your desired neighborhood or region for a specific period.

Every day, our office receives and processes requests for the purchase of properties. If you need initial advice or consultation, you can contact our agents and ask any questions you may have.

You can advertise your property for sale by contacting our office or through the "PLACE AN ADVERTISEMENT" section. You can also visit the SOFIA IN office, get the necessary preliminary consultation on the spot, determine the price of the property and conclude a contract for mediation service.

Determining the price of the property

SOFIA IN consultants must provide their reasoned opinion regarding the possible sale price of each property advertised for sale.

The opinion is prepared on the basis of weekly market analyzes carried out by SOFIA IN, studies on individual segments, projected expectations and the processing of comparative material.

The client-seller has the right not to comply with the specified price and to advertise the property at a price specified by him.

SOFIA IN may refuse a mediation commitment at a price announced by the seller that is unacceptable in view of market realities.

The conclusion of an MEDIATION contract

The conclusion of a mediation contract is mandatory and guarantees the protection of the interests of our clients, precisely regulating the obligations of SOFIA IN.

Possibilities when concluding an MEDIATION contract

• You can choose whether to assign SOFIA IN EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION or reserve the right to sell the property through other brokers.

• Negotiating exclusivity saves the buyer not only money, but also time and inconvenience in making contacts with several brokers and handling the order by several agents.

• In an intra-organizational plan, the granting of exclusive rights of representation enables the company to properly direct the capacity of its employees, which predetermines the negotiation of the best deal terms.

• When negotiating exclusive mediation rights, we advise you to research in advance the company to which you are referring in order to convince yourself of the capacity and possibilities it has to realize the transaction you requested.

• The main thing you need to know is that SOFIA IN does not require the payment of an upfront fee.

• You pay a commission fee only if you sell the property through SOFIA IN.

• When concluding the contract, you can discuss all the issues that interest you, as well as consult a lawyer.

• When concluding the contract, the seller must provide accurate information to the agent about the ownership of the property, the presence of encumbrances, obligations, etc.

Initial inspection

After accepting your offer, the head of the office will determine the most suitable agent-consultant, taking into account your requirements in this regard.

It is mandatory for the real estate agent to visit your property in advance.

During the initial inspection of the property, the employee of SOFIA IN will necessarily introduce himself and identify himself to you, take photographs, capture the dimensions of the main premises, collect the necessary specific information about the condition of the property and the adjacent infrastructure and clarify the ownership and the terms of the offer Your property.

Presentation of the property

After the initial inspection, the agent is required to prepare an individual presentation of the property in order to offer it to potential clients.

Each of our clients can view the presentation of their property on our corporate site sofiain.com and monitor the accurate and timely submission of information.

A good and professional presentation of the property is essential to realize the desired parameters of the transaction.

Conducting meetings and inspections with clients

Inspections of the property can be carried out with or without the presence of the owner (or his representative). This depends on the specific possibilities and arrangements.

Your agent will notify you in advance of the viewings with potential buyers, agreeing with you the time of their holding.

For the date and time of an organized inspection, you will receive an SMS and/or e-mail from SOFIA IN in advance. When conducting inspections with potential buyers, you can fully rely on the professional competence and experience of the agent from SOFIA IN.

During the sale of the property and the inspection, you will be in continuous contact with your agent from SOFIA IN.

You will receive feedback on the outcome of the property offer and the inspections conducted.

Providing a deposit

Provided that a potential buyer expresses an intention to buy the property, he can provide for storage in SOFIA IN the so-called Security Deposit.

With the provision of such a deposit, the property is reserved for a certain period until the signing of a preliminary or final contract of sale.

SOFIA IN undertakes to keep the deposit and provide it to the seller upon fulfillment of certain conditions specified in the Deposit Agreement.

Making a deal

Provided that the seller accepts the transaction conditions proposed by the buyer, SOFIA IN organizes the conclusion of a Preliminary Purchase and Sale Agreement.

The contract is concluded on the basis of Art. 19, para. 2 of the Law on Obligations and Contracts (ZZD), is drawn up by a lawyer in our legal department and is concluded in the presence of the agent representing the seller and a person authorized by the manager SOFIA IN.

With the signed preliminary contract, the buyer provides the seller with a down payment (usually the down payment is 10% of the sales price) and both parties agree within a certain period and upon agreed sales price and conditions to appear before a notary and conclude a Final Contract for the purchase and sale of the property (Notarial deed).

At the conclusion of the preliminary contract, SOFIA IN employees will explain to you all questions and procedures related to the certification of the transaction before a notary, the entry of the transaction, the method of payment, the transfer and receipt of the sums of the sale price, bank transfers, entry of a mortgage, handover of possession, etc.

The attorney's fee related to the preparation and conclusion of the Final Agreement is included in the agreed commission fee under the mediation agreement.

SOFIA IN does not charge additional fees for document preparation.

However, the seller has the right to entrust the preparation of the documents to his lawyer or notary public.

In such cases, SOFIA IN complies with the customer's requirement.

With the signing of the Preliminary Agreement and receipt of the deposit, the transaction is considered completed.

If the buyer subsequently refuses to buy the property, the down payment remains in favor of the seller.

After signing the preliminary contract, the seller pays a fee to SOFIA IN, according to the terms of the mediation contract.

Usually, SOFIA IN requires 50% of the commission when the transaction is completed, and the rest is paid after the transaction is notarized. For properties under construction, which will be paid in installments, the commission is paid upon signing a preliminary contract.

The conclusion of a Final Agreement (Notarial deed)

SOFIA IN prepares the documents for the conclusion of a notarial deed and provides a Notary for the transaction without charging additional fees.

However, the seller has the right to entrust the preparation of the documents to his lawyer or notary public.

In such cases, SOFIA IN complies with the customer's requirement.

Your agent is present at the signing of the notarial deed and at the receipt of the agreed sale price of the property and is engaged in clarifying any questions that may arise.

Transfer of possession of the property

The SOFIA IN agent is present at the transfer of possession and is available to clarify any questions that may arise.

Usually, the transfer of possession of the property for sale takes place on the day of the transfer of ownership.

Cases in which possession is transferred from the seller to the buyer at a later time are not rare. (This most often happens with residential properties and is related to the possibility of the property being freed of furniture and furnishings or the seller moving to another residential property).

Transfer of possession is the actual legal action by which the buyer receives the right to use the property as his own (usually concluded by handing over the keys to the property).

For the transfer of the property, we prepare an official handover protocol.


Your opinion is important to us.

Therefore, each of our clients receives a survey card for sharing impressions, opinions, recommendations and objections.

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