Several reasons to choose our agency as a partner in the purchase of property:

Buying and selling real estate for own needs or for investment is an important decision for each of us.

Here are some serious reasons to choose Sofia In:

• We will do our best to make you satisfied with your transaction.

• Our employees know how to listen. The decision to buy a property is an important one and we understand that. We will recommend the best in your specific case.

• Responsiveness and quick response. When you work with Sofia In, you have your own broker at your disposal. Our colleague will accept the work with high responsibility and readiness to assist at any time. We will try to make the result for you more than what you expected.

• Discretion - you can count on us. Discretion is one of the most important principles we follow in our work. It is important for our customers to be reassured that they have a responsible partner.

• We save your time. We know you're a busy person. Let us not tear you away from your responsible work or favorite activity. Give us the task, and we promise to complete it without unnecessary questions and meetings.

• If you think that the manager of Sofia In can best help you, just ask for a meeting or write to him by e-mail:

• Our experts closely monitor the property market, as well as the overall development of the "Real Estate" sector in Bulgaria. That's why you can expect adequate consultation and an objective opinion from us, regardless of whether you are buying or selling.

• The best price. The purchase of a property is associated with the payment of a considerable price. We appreciate your efforts and know how important it is for you to invest wisely. The main duty of your broker-consultant is to negotiate the best possible price for your purchase.

• Legal protection. Real estate transactions are serious business. As our client, you will benefit completely free of charge from the services of our experienced lawyer or lawyer, who will carry out the necessary checks, prepare all documents and contracts and be present with you at the confession of the transaction and the payment of the price. With Sofia In, your transaction is fully protected legally.


Trust us! We will try to win you not only as customers, but also as our partners and friends!

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