Work at SOFIA IN

We believe that every crisis is also an opportunity. Therefore, we are looking for and training new real estate brokers and agents, providing them with an interesting and dynamic job serving our clients. For approved candidates, we provide training and telecommuting options. BECOME AN ESTATE BROKER/AGENT AND START BUILDING YOUR SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS CAREER TODAY!

Real estate brokers and agents (conditions and application)

We offer a work from home opportunity for real estate agents and brokers. Our adopted concept of internal organization and customer service provides suitable candidates with new opportunities for permanent employment and realization in the field of real estate. You can apply to be a broker/agent by sending your CV and cover letter to: or by calling 0882 654 900 to request an individual meeting with the manager of SOFIA IN.

SOFIAI IN offers work to experienced brokers and agents

We also provide a remote working platform for experienced agents and brokers. If you have professional experience as a real estate agent, we can offer you individual terms of a civil contract and various programs allowing you to earn the maximum, according to your preferences for working with a certain type of property or clients, or when working in your preferred segment of the market. CONTACT US at or call 0882 654 900. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!



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